Hypnosis Scripts

You will likely find below exactly the hypnosis script you need to deal with your challenge through self-hypnosis.

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Hypnotherapists, especially beginners, find therapeutic hypnosis scripts can be very helpful. They provide a base from which to start, particularly with the first time you are presented with a certain issue.

Choose the scripts that appeal to you from the vast, inexpensive selection below.

I suggest that, instead of simply repeating a script to yourself or to a client, you adapt it to respond effectively to the unique needs of yourself or your client.

Hypnosis Downloads.com Scripts
Improve Yourself Scripts
Boost Your Confidence
Increase Self Esteem
Social Confidence
Reduce Shyness
Increase Optimism
Ease Blushing
Be More Assertive
Develop a Powerful 'No'!
Handle THAT Person
Feel More Attractive
Secure in Yourself
Stop Negative Thinking
Enjoy Chatting
Stop Sabotaging Yourself
Acheive Your Best Body
Care Less - Other Peoples Thoughts
Stage Fright
Hypnosis for Health Scripts
Healthy Eating
Motivate Yourself to Exercise
Heal Well
Smoking - Stay Quit
Ease Your Migraine Headaches
No More Tension Headaches
Tooth Grinding
Stop Smoking Program
Beat Hangover Symptons
Beat Hypertension
Pregnancy Sickness
Coffee Addiction
Relationship Advice Scripts
Be More Independent
Reduce Relationship Insecurity
Brighten Up Relationships
Get Over That Relationship
Date with Confidence
Meet New People
Better Sex - Men
More Pleasure - Women
Obsessive Love
Confidence with Men
Attractive Women
Flirt and Relax
Be More Popular
Divorce Recovery
Develop Yourself Scripts
Fear of Interviews
Increase Your Motivation
Public Speaking Fear
Improve Your Focus
Improve Creativity
Boost Your EQ!
Reach Your Potential
No More Procrastination!
Job Motivation
Greater Self Belief
Best Man's Speech
Solve Problems Creatively
Absorb Languages
Organizational Efficiency
Millionaire Thinking
Make Your Mind Up
Never Give Up
Personal Growth
Lose Weight with Hypnosis Scripts
Thin Thinking
Super Slimmer
TV Junk Food
Balanced Emotions
Stop Boredom Snacks
Stop Bingeing
Stop Sugar
Enjoy Healthy Cooking
Relax Without Food
Slow Down Your Food
Lose More Weight
Alleviate Pain Scripts
Manage Chronic Pain
Hypnosis for Pain
Relief from Arthritis
Hypnotherapy Profs
Mouth Anaesthesia
Numb your Hand
Your Hand Floats!
Phobias Scripts
Overcome Fear of Rejection
Fear of Crowds
Ease Confrontation Phobia
Ease Failure Phobia
Beat Elevator Fear
Be Calm in New Places
Overcome Social Phobia
Overcome Dental Phobia
Get Rid of Fear & Anxiety
Ease Height Phobia
Overcome Driving Test Nerves
Anxiety in Exams
Fear of Spiders
Phobia of Driving
Seek Success
Overcome Snake Phobia
Performance Anxiety
Fear of Sex
Enclosed Spaces
Being Alone
Four Legged Foes?
Death Phobia
Sports Psychology Scripts
Tough Mind
Quick Start
Playing Hazards in Golf
Teeing Off
Putt Well Always
Swing Well at Golf
Hypnotic Therapy Scripts
Manage Your Anger
Boost Sexual Confidence
Overcome Guilt
Overcome Impotence
Cure Nail Biting
Forget Troubling Childhood
Fear of Illness
Cure Jealousy
Overcome Road Rage
Bed Wetting
Cure Insomnia
Write Freely Again
Hair Pulling Disease
Compulsive Shopping
Stay Stopped Drinking
Midlife Crisis
Coping with Job Loss
Withdrawal from Alcohol
Coming out of Depression
Gamble Less
Compulsive Thoughts
Public Urination
Nervous Breakdown
Manage Stress Scripts
Instant Stress Relief
Burn Out
7-11 Breathing
Relaxing Hypnosis Scripts
A Healthy Rest
The Four Seasons
A Warm Place
The Island
Falling Asleep
Deep Meditation
Sleep with Hypnosis
Instant Self Hypnosis
Dream and Sleep
Crystal Ball Relaxation