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Control Your Obsessions

Control Your Obsessions

Getting Control: Overcoming Your Obsessions & Compulsions
by Lee Baer, Ph.D. Plume

This excellent book is packed with practical information on how to conquer an affliction which grips millions of sufferers. Vivid examples illustrate the amazing variety of obsessions and compulsions; almost anything can consume someone with the compelling conviction that he or she must check something again and again or else some unnamed catastrophe will occur; almost anything can become an unwelcome repetitive thought.

Fortunately, as Dr Baer so eloquently explains, there are effective treatments for OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). These are fully explained in the book, and clear guidelines are given so you can develop your own treatment which is grounded in behavior therapy.

Checklists help you determine if you are really suffering from OCD. These checklists have been conveniently repeated at the back of the book so you can photocopy them to chart your progress.

There is a chapter which answers major questions, such as "Is it dangerous to suppress rituals?" [Answer: no. That concept was a Freudian error.] There's even a chapter for Family, Friends and Helpers.

Explanations about the pros and cons of medications such as Anafranil in combatting OCD are part of Dr Baer's thorough, sincere, and hopeful text.