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Dr. Bryan Knight has reviewed books for The Journal of Alternative Therapies, Self-Help & Psychology online magazine, Publishers Weekly and his own newsletter, Mind Matters.

Novels in which hypnosis is mentioned are reviewed by him here: Hypnosis in fiction

A score or so of reviews of books by and about therapists: MYSTERY NOVELS

Nonfiction Book Reviews

Therapists' Ultimate Solution Book
Becoming A Professional Life Coach
The 10 Best Anxiety Busters
More Hypnotic Scripts & Strategies
How To Treat Trauma
Complete Mental Health
Healing the Incest Wound
The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy
The Handbook of Hypnotic Phenomena in Psychotherapy
Emotional Disorders: A Neuropsychological, Psychopharmacological, and Educational Perspective.
A Guide to Trance Land
Men in Therapy
Dr James Braid -- Father of Hypnotherapy?
Stage Hypnosis Secrets Revealed
Unspeakable Truths and Happy Endings
EMDR®: Hypnosis By Another Name
Who's Normal?
The Devil Made Me Do It
Fingers of Truth
Persuasion or Manipulation?
Writers Thrive on Anxiety
Virus of the Mind
Solution Therapy: Wave Of The Future?
Control Your Obsessions
The Paranormal, the Mystic and the Transcendent in Human Experience
Those Troublesome Clients
Even Skeptics Can Be Gullible


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