Healing Sexual Abuse

Healing Guidelines for Adults Sexually Abused As Children

Eight simple yet powerful steps to free adults from the horrific legacy of childhood sexual abuse.

Free guidelines to heal adults who were sexually abused when they were children.

There's no charge, no catch, not even your email is required. All you need is half an hour of uninterrupted time.

The eight steps are:

1. Sit or lie comfortably.

2. Breathe very slowly and very deeply.

3. Let your imagination wander to an occurrence of abuse when you were a child.

4. See yourself as an adult there, along with your younger self and the perpetrator.

5. Step between the child and the abuser. Speak firmly and strongly to the perpetrator.

6. Take whatever action you choose against the abuser. (Include weapons such as scissors).

7. Hug your younger self, reassure the child of your love and that you'll always be there to protect him or her.

8. Repeat #s 5-7 until your younger self is smiling, feeling relaxed, reassured, loved and comforted.

"Sometimes," says Dr Knight, "one session is all that's needed to resolve years of shame and heartbreak. Sometimes you may need to repeat the 8 steps for each recalled instance of abuse."

Kindly let me know your results after using this 8-step path to freedom. [drbryanknight@gmail.com]

For much more on this subject go here: Overcoming Childhood Sexual Abuse Bryan Knight, MSW., PhD.


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