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Marketing Plan for Success in Private Practice
Why being the most fantastic nurse/coach/dietician/counsellor/chiropractor/psychologist/hypnotherapist/art therapist/social worker IS NOT ENOUGH

Ninety pages of explicit guidance on how to develop your private practice.

Yours for only $7. I'll email you this highly practical book within hours of receipt of your payment.

With this ebook you can quickly learn how to help people overcome a variety of problems such as exam anxiety, lack of confidence, bad habits and phobias by amplifying their creativity through the power of their imaginations.

Only $1.99 U.S.

E-book that presents true stories of maternal abuse from clients and therapists around the world, plus guidance on how to deal with the resulting low self-esteem, anger and relationship difficulties. Includes a chapter for abusive mothers, a discussion for prevention, plus references and suggestions for further reading.

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Only $2.99

Only $2.99

An intriguing mystery. Is the therapist killing off his clients? This story is a complete fabrication. Any resemblance to real hypnotherapists or real clients is purely coincidental.

"I read it Friday night and Saturday afternoon. It left me hungry for more. So when we came home early yesterday afternoon, I read the last 100 or so pages in about an hour. It is a compelling book. Deadly Therapy is easy to read. The story flows - like blood. I was drenched in the story."

Eva Rosenberg, publisher of TaxMama.com and mystery buff.

ONLY $1.99

Only $2.99

Seven Steps to a Stress-Free Life

Only $2.05


Creativity Enhances Hypnotherapy

This ebook is exclusively for hypnotherapists. For a very low price find out how to enjoy creative approaches to your clients, yourself and your marketing.

  • Hypnosis enables our clients to imagine themselves differently:
  • to enjoy a new identity as a non-smoker, or
  • to be able to wear something flattering to her new slim figure, or
  • to take pride in giving a speech in public, or
  • to feel confident and relaxed during an exam, or
  • to triumph by winning a marathon.

What could be more creative than seeing and feeling yourself as a new person? And what could bring more joy to us as hypnotherapists, than the privilege of helping others to re-create themselves?

Just $5.

How You Can Avoid Bad Relationships and Find Your One True Love: A Blueprint for the Woman Who Chooses to be the Architect of Her Own Life.

Do you find 'decent' men boring and 'jerks' exciting?

Then you're among the majority. But, as you've learned, jerks make for disastrous relationships.

So why are you attracted to them? A popular explanation is that although you live in the 21st century, your basic biology and psychology are still Stone Age. So you (unconsciously) look for a 'tough guy' to protect you and your children from the sabre-toothed tigers.

This ebook -- based on my four decades as a psychotherapist and 37 years of marriage to a wonderful woman [wife #2 !] -- will show you how to choose the right man.

Before you can choose wisely you need to know how to avoid a bad relationship.

You may dismiss the Solution as too simple -- or too difficult. But put it into practice and you will find your ideal man.

Read on for the details on How You Can Avoid Bad Relationships and Find Your One True Love.

I've explained the process under the following headings:
  • Five Signs of a Bad Relationship
  • Nine Warning Signals
  • The Perfect Partner
  • The Solution (in detail)
  • Causes of Relationship Dissatisfaction
  • Seven Ways to Develop Self-Respect
  • Protecting Yourself From a Bad Relationship

"I enjoyed reading this book. I found the content to be informative and full of common sense. I'm sure I will find the information useful in my own private practice."

Peggy Leal

"Bonsoir Bryan,
I read your e-book and I found it good. It has a lot to say that I find pertinent and it is obviously the fruit of your thinking over a long period of time. It has the stamp of your beliefs, values and experience--it is therefore valuable."

David Lake, M.D.

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Phobias Can Be Cured

Order this ebook for only $1.94. Hypnotherapists from England, New Zealand, United States, Australia and of course, Canada, describe how they helped clients previously trapped in phobias that disrupted their lives.

Here's the list of topics:

  • Overcoming a Phobia of Trains
  • "It's Not the Point -- How I Cured a Needle Phobia"
  • The Curious Case of the Button Lady
  • (bonus) The Curious Case of the Agoraphobic Cheque
  • Effective Hypnotherapy to Cure a Public Speaking Phobia
  • "The Weather Could Kill Me" -- A Phobia of Rain & Death
  • The Professor who Feared Microphones
  • "I Would Have Paid a Billion Dollars to be Able to Walk Out my Front Door"

Order now: 7 Phobias


Stage Hypnosis Revealed !

The Giant E-Book of Little Known Secrets
of Stage Hypnosis

stage hypnosis ebook

In this great book an experienced stage hypnotist show you how to hypnotize and how to create a stage show: Stage Hypnosis

A mere $9.99


Millionaires mindset



Adventures of Alfie the Ant

How Do You Hypnotize An Ant? You call Uncle Harry, the Hypno-Ant. And that's

Why Alfie Loves Hypnosis

When Alfie was a baby Ant he was afraid of the dark.

His mother tried all kinds of ways to help Alfie. She persuaded Mrs Golightly Spider to spin a special hammock for Alfie so he could drift off to sleep easily.

But that didn't stop baby Alfie being afraid of the dark. So Alfie's mother convinced Gertie the Glowworm to stay alight by Alfie's bed long into the night-time. But soon Gertie had to return to her regular work lighting the way for the Big Ants who worked the night shift in the underground Ant Hospital.

So, when there was no light again baby Alfie lay there, frightened of the dark. His mother stayed with him and gently stroked his little body with her antennae.

Although baby Alfie liked being comforted by his mummy very very much and of course would forget his fear of the dark while she was there, baby Alfie's mother couldn't stay up night after night because she got too tired. When she didn't sleep at night she was too tired to work during the day. Then one night she had a grand idea: "I'll ask Uncle Harry the Hypno-Ant to help."

Uncle Harry the Hypno-Ant was not really Alfie's uncle but everyone liked him so much and he was so good to all the Ants, Little, Big and Baby that he was known as Uncle Harry to everyone in Ant City.

His mother told Alfie she was sending a message through the Bernice Butterfly Message Service for Uncle Harry to come as soon as he could.

Alfie was very excited because he knew Uncle Harry the Hypno-Ant had helped lots of Big Ants to stop being afraid of all sorts of things like wasps and climbing high up on blades of grass and digging deep in the ground.

Uncle Harry was an expert in using hypnosis which is imagining how your life can be better. He would tell Big Ants how to pretend that they were no longer afraid of wasps or of climbing high up or of being deep in the ground.

And then Uncle Harry would teach each Big Ant how to make their make-believe bravery real. So they would never again be afraid.

As soon as Bernice the Butterfly gave Uncle Harry the message from Alfie's mother he rushed to help Alfie. Uncle Harry sat beside Alfie as he lay comfortably in his soft hammock-bed.

"Alfie," said Uncle Harry, "you often daydream don't you?"

"Sure, Uncle Harry, why do you ask?"

"Well, said Uncle Harry the Hypno-Ant, "hypnosis is a lot like day-dreaming. Like playing make-believe. You imagine something in your mind, something good that you want to happen and then, WHOOP, it becomes real."

"You mean I could imagine being brave in the dark, instead of afraid?"

"Exactly," said Uncle Harry with a big smile.

"O.K. then," said Alfie who was very smart even as a baby. Let's do it."

So Uncle Harry the Hypno-Ant began to speak to Alfie with soft, calming words.

If you'd like to know what Uncle Harry the Hypno-Ant said to free Alfie from his fear of the dark you can purchase the ebook of five illustrated stories "Adventures of Alfie the Ant" for a very low price.

Order now: Adventures of Alfie the Ant

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