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Stage Hypnosis Secrets Revealed

Such a great book Mark Bradley bought it twice!

"I've purchased this before from u. It's always been the best ebook I've run across.
Lost my copy in a move, and thought I would purchase again :) Mark Bradley"


"Discover How To Hypnotize People!"

"Giant E-Book of Little Known Secrets of Stage Hypnosis"

Yes, it's true! The very first day you read this amazing e-book you will be able to thrill and astound your friends by performing feats of hypnotism just like a professional.


Alexander Duvall´s

 "Giant E-Book of Little Known Secrets of Stage Hypnosis"

You will be a hit at your next house party

Acknowledged by fellow professionals as one of the world's masters of the art and science of hypnotism the author tells his secrets. Step by step he shows you how to hypnotize - how to prepare a subject- how to break down resistance - how to instill the trance. You will learn, word for word, the language, the gestures, the tone of voice to use.

You will discover the secret of the hypnotic bond that you induce to create the profound state of hypnosis. Easily, quickly, master the "secrets of mind science" as if the author himself were standing next to you showing you how.

You'll be able to hypnotize any person you want. Page after page of "how to" photos show the method the author uses - a method that's been successful thousands of times.

About the Author Alexander Duvall
Duvall is a self-taught stage hypnotist as are many of the world's best stage hypnotists. He was first bitten by the hypnosis bug years ago when he began collecting every old and new book, audiotape and videotape on the subject. These now comprise his vast private collection.

What's in this E-book for YOU?
How will you benefit by buying and reading this tome? What you do with this is entirely up to you. This work is based on a score of trial-and-error-and-blood-sweat-and-tears years performing successfully and very profitably worldwide as a professional stage hypnotist. It covers the structure and flow and do's and don'ts of Alex's proven, successful stage hypnotism show.


Near-Instant Download.




This Ebook is highly recommended by Bryan M. Knight,MSW, PhD.

"This is a fantastic ebook, Alex. Your authenticity, humour and knowledge shine through. As a hypnotherapist I share the mixed feelings many therapists have towards stage hypnosis. On the one hand we have to acknowledge that (as you so capably explain) we owe the survival of hypnosis to stage performers. On the other, some stage hypnotists give people the wrong impression about hypnotic power -- and may scare people off from hypnotherapy. Your ebook does a wonderful job of de-mystifying hypnosis. The frank approach and the personal anecdotes bring the subject matter alive. Every reader will be satisfied to come away with everything you promise to deliver. This ebook is a great contribution to the field. I'm pleased to unconditionally endorse it. As a hypno-psychotherapist I am comfortable with the ethics you portray."


Table Of Contents

  • A Brief History of Hypnotism
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Stage Hypnotism
  • Do you really want to be a hypnotist?
  • The Starting Point
  • Adult Hypnotism or Family Hypnotism Show?
  • More Thoughts On Adult or Erotic Shows
  • Types of Venues — Favourable working environments.
  • What age group and types of people?
  • Getting ready for performing your FIRST show!
  • Your First Show
  • Two Hypnotism No-No's
  • What if no one volunteers
  • Handling & Dismissing Drunks, Rowdies, and Hams.
  • Shuffle the Odds (in YOUR favour)!
  • Hypnotic Induction Pre-thinking
  • Induction Delivery Style
  • The Double Blind Belief Induction EXPLAINED
  • Volunteers' depth of hypnosis and signs to look for.
  • My Unique & All-important Deepening Technique.
  • Key Success Factors for routines that will get you laughs
  • Giving Suggestions Successfully
  • Rapport — The greatest stage-setter for stage hypnotists.
  • Showmanship — Stage Presence
  • Presenting Suggestions Effectively
  • More Thoughts On Suggestions.
  • Structuring Suggestions
  • Secret Double Touch or tap on the forehead
  • Using Touch with the Hypnotic Suggestion
  • Working Your Volunteers to Perform like STARS!
  • Staging Your First Routines Right on with YOUR show!
  • More Deepeners
  • Using Props For Your Stage Show
  • When Audience Members Become Hypnotized, Too!
  • Saving Your Show at It's End
  • The Handclasp Demonstration Audience Test
  • What to do if or when you lose all volunteers
  • My First Shows
  • Routines from People's Minds
  • How you end your shows on a bang or high note!
  • Suggestions and Sleep
  • More comments on stage induction
  • Post-hypnotic Suggestion
  • Alex’s Caveats
  • What to do when your show goes wrong
  • Working the Audience and the Room
  • Keep on Reading and Learning
  • Burning Out
  • Miscellaneous Answers to Questions I'm often Asked.
  • Selling Videotapes of Your Shows in the Back-of-Room
  • Print Transcript of My Induction
  • Funny Stories
  • Oh, You Want Some One-Liners?




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