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Regression Hypnosis

Regression hypnosis is imagining an earlier time in your life while you're in hypnosis. It is a valuable technique for hypnotherapists who help you to change a negative experience into a positive one.

Regression hypnosis is valuable for:

  • building self-esteem
  • filling emotional voids
  • healing abuse
  • releasing creativity
  • ending phobias

Just recalling an event from your childhood is enough to put you into hypnosis, according to some experts.

But the imagined regression doesn't have to be to your childhood. Forty-nine year old Tom, for example, had lost one job after another simply because he didn't stand up for himself. The hypnotherapist regressed Tom to recent instances in which he suffered humiliation and firing. Not only was Tom able to release sadness and anger about his weak behaviour but with the hypnotherapist's help, he imagined himself behaving differently.

Hypnotised Tom handled the disgruntled bosses with confidence and calmness. These imagined experiences translated into real-life behaviour so in the next workplace Tom was calm and confident.

The "subconscious" accepts all experience -- actual or imagined -- as real. That's why regression hypnosis helped Tom to change. The calm, confident, strong, imagined Tom replaced the man too frightened to stand up for himself.

Regression hypnosis is similarly helpful for people who grew up without a loving parent. A common experience is that of the absent father. Many times the absence was caused, not through negligence, but because the father had to work long hours outside the home.

When regressed in hypnosis to the childhood feelings of abandonment about the absent father a client can effectively deal with such negative feelings through a combination of imagining a strong parental presence and suggestions for loving herself.

Survivors of childhood sexual abuse find regression hypnosis to be a powerful tool in changing the horrific aftermath of such violation. One example is the hypnotized client who imagined her 4-year-old self wearing a hockey mask so she was protected against her father's demands for oral sex.

The survivor creates his or her own "mind movie" to replace whatever trauma they suffered. This positive, or at least protective, scenario results in feelings of control, confidence and strength in the present.

The same approach can be used to overcome a phobia -- especially if the phobia was caused by a particular event such as being trapped in an elevator or terrified when a doctor jabbed a needle into you.

Regression hypnosis can also be used to enhance creativity. Let's say that in Grade 1 you drew what you thought was a great picture but a teacher severely criticised your painting. Perhaps this inhibited you for ever after from attempting to paint. With regression hypnosis you could go back in your imagination and deal with that teacher. Perhaps have him praise your work instead of shaming you. This would then release your creativity as an adult.

So, yes, you can go back in time. At least in your imagination. And, coupled with hypnosis, that can transform your life today.


"Dr Knight:

Just a note to tell you that you are amazing. I have never been so relaxed and stress free and can just tune out all the negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones.

The fears that I did have are no longer there and if they do pop up again, I now know how to reduce them to 0.

Thank you again for all your help and best wishes for a very Happy Holiday.

Warm regards


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