I Blame My Mother
How You Can Overcome
Childhood Abuse
by your Mother

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"There are so many self-help books on the market these days and many of them are very helpful but, this book goes beyond anything I have read since Gail Sheehy's 'Passages' in the early '70s. I highly recommend this book. It may be small (30+ pages) but it is powerful and it will change how you see yourself, it will help ease the pain of low self-esteem and then lift you to the stars! Whatever you need, however you see yourself, this powerful little book will help you change your life into a positive and exciting event. I liked it so much I bought it twice and I plan on sharing the knowledge it contains with as many people I know who it will benefit.
Sally Wilson "Sassafras" (Northampton, England)"

"I read 'I Blame My Mother' and felt cheated when it came to an end! You write well and bring to light so many issues I had pushed down over the years that I found myself tearful, shaking my head in agreement with so much of your positive suggestions, at times angry at my own experiences of verbal and physical abuse but ultimately able to literally forgive and move on. Your subject matter and subsequent material went a long way to helping me release more of my own choked down feelings. I am so glad I bought this ebook and will use what I have learned to continue to help my clients. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experiences of so many others.
Kind regards
Sally Spiewakowski"

"This book should be compulsory reading for all parents. I say this because, sadly, so much abuse comes from knee-jerk remarks and these seem to be the ones that do the most damage. A child that is slapped or physically punished will have their own way of living with that. Hurtful and spiteful remarks live on much longer and cut much deeper than bruised feelings. Dr Knight has brought to light things that have been glossed over. Now read this book and help yourself and your friends to be more thoughtful with their children. They are little yous, learning by example."
Michael Carr-Jones, Hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner

"I just finished reading Dr Knight's ebook "I Blame My Mother" and it really opened my eyes to the various serious problems faced by our children in society. This book is extremely well written, with its examples of real-life situations throughout, and I strongly recommend it."
Harriet Horlick/Retired Property Mgr.

"Atypically, I am currently seeing two people that were abused by their mothers, so Bryan's ebook came at a very good time. Please read it and learn that there is every reason for hope for yourselves and/or your clients who feel like they were abused by their mothers. It's very disturbing, yet very real. And there are a lot of great solutions and resources."
Stephanie Y. Rothman, CH, NLP, EFT
Hypnosis Phoenix

"Helpful, informative booklet for those seeking a general overview of a painful and unfortunately a pervasive subject. Currently I have three adult clients who suffer from early experiences with abusive mothers.
Thank you.
Ron Bishop"

"I have read 'I Blame My Mother' which is an informative and enlightening book for any therapist who may not him/herself have endured the harshness from an abusive mother. There are good explanations throughout the book as to what the reasons for the abusive behavior from a mother might be. Only topic I would have liked some more in depth explanation on in the book would be how to successfully help people overcome what they have lived through.
With regards,

"Thank you for the opportunity to read your book. Although I may regard my self as a 'therapist' - offering Hypnosis and CBT as interventions - this reminded me that I still have much to learn. It's desperately sad to think that so many children are affected in this way and thank you for raising awareness in such a personal manner.
Kind regards

"Thank you for allowing me to read your ebook 'I Blame my Mother' I have only just got around to reading as I have just moved house and internet was a problem. I found it very informative and it will be helpful in my practice. The checklist on what to look out for with abuse will be useful to me. I am especially interested in helping others who have suffered verbal abuse and emotional issues (emotional blackmail, lack of affection) as I have come across this quite often with clients.
Jasmin Hodges"

"I find that the vast majority of cases I work with, as a regression-to-cause Hypnotherapist, involve some degree of blame toward the mother. Mother is our first and most fragile relationship and directly impacts our earliest perceptions of ourselves and the world around us. It is little wonder that so many of our trust issues track back to this primary relationship. Mother is viewed in infancy as Source of safety and nourishment. When situations unfold that the child is ill-equipped to make sense of, Mother can unknowingly become a source of pain that endures well into adulthood. But when Mother intentionally acts in ways that are abusive to the child, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally, the wounding is unspeakably deep. Bryan Knight’s, “I Blame My Mother” speaks to this profound pain in a way that validates the survivor’s experience while affirming their right to heal.

I recommend this book to any therapist who seeks a better understanding of the emotional repercussions of childhood abuse. Hypnotherapists will find this a particularly valuable resource offering vital clues as to how underlying abuse issues find expression (or lack, thereof). Like or not, our clients have histories, and those with histories of abuse can present for seemingly simple problems that have much deeper roots.

Knight reminds us that “memories can and do surface years after abuse” and that memory is malleable. It is simply not possible or even necessary, for that matter, to know exactly what happened to cause the problem. Nor is there a one-size-fits-all solution for childhood abuse survivors (CAS). Knight offers the key to healing and a menu of possible avenues which include psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and energy psychology. More importantly, he offers much-needed hope.

Wendie Webber, CH
Mind Design Hypnosis
author of The Devil’s Therapy: from Hypnosis to Healing"

Michael Pollack wrote:
"Hello Bryan,
I finally was able to thoroughly read your book. It is wonderful, especially as a guide to therapists in dealing with survivors of childhood abuse, sexual or not.

In my case, my mother never abused either my brother or I, except, perhaps, by not protecting us better from our abusive father. Of course, she was completely intimidated by him.

Every example of abuse by mothers applies to fathers as well. I won't go into my whole ugly story, except to say that as a result of his verbal, emotional and physical abuse, I grew up with such low self-esteem that I had to look up to see bottom.

With the help of several wonderful hypnotherapists and Cognitive Behavioral Therapists I have been able to heal and forgive."

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Childhood Abuse by Mothers