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How To Stop Blushing

The first step to stopping blushing is to stop focusing on yourself.

When I was too shy to enter a restaurant I was pre-occupied with worrying about whether everyone would notice my red face.

It’s ironic that this pre-occupation is actually a form of arrogance. What made me think anyone in the restaurant would be interested in me?

Tips to Stop Blushing

1. Stop focusing on yourself.
2. Think about what you think of others, not what they think of you.
3. Breathe slowly and deeply.
4. Learn to relax.
5. Give yourself positive affirmations.
6. Discover positive self-hypnosis.
7. Take yourself less seriously.

Why You Blush

Blushing occurs when you feel anxious, self-conscious, guilty or frightened.

Blushing is a signal to others that at the least you feel uncomfortable and at the worst that you feel guilty because you’re lying or ashamed or fear rejection.

Blood rushes to your skin. No problem if that happens on your back for instance, but when it’s your face that’s hot and bothered you could begin to avoid parties and other social situations.

Blushing Can Lead to More than Embarrassment

It’s easy to begin to avoid places where you have blushed (like the old me in restaurants). But then the number of places you avoid gets larger and larger. Ditto with people you feel uncomfortable around. In the most extreme cases your blushing could lead to avoidance of any social situation.

This avoidance has obvious drawbacks to advancement on the job. If you become afraid to take part in group discussions at work, let alone make presentations because your terror of blushing holds you back from participating, your chances of promotion are slim.

Allow this fear of blushing to take over your life and you may end up afraid to even leave your home.

Don’t let blushing, or more precisely the fear of blushing, hold you back.

How to Stop or Prevent Facial Blushing

One of the most important ways to prevent blushing is to put a stop to anticipatory anxiety – all that worrying about if you’re going to blush and what will people think?

Sometimes you’ll read a suggestion that one way to stop facial blushing is to speak about it. I doubt this is good advice. Pointing out your blush may bring understanding from some but it is also likely to attract pity, incomprehension or ridicule from less compassionate or empathetic persons.

Facial flushing

Unless it has a biological cause facial flushing is just another name for blushing.

Treatments to stop blushing

These range from cognitive-behavioural (changing the way you think and behave) to surgery.

Certainly you need to change your thinking. Because you need to relax, to become unconcerned about the possibility of blushing; unconcerned about what other people think of you. This simplest way to do this is through hypnosis.

Surgery to stop blushing

This is a drastic step that’s only necessary for severe, and rare, medical conditions.

Take Back Your Power – No Need to Blush

It’s time to stop letting other people have power over you. Take back your power: focus on what YOU think of them and stop worrying about what others think of you.

How to Stop Yourself From Blushing

By changing your subconscious negative messages you gain the self-control necessary to put an end to your blushing. And hypnosis accomplishes that for you by replacing the negative messages with positive, relaxing and self-confident commands.

Build your confidence in the privacy of your own home with one or both of these hypnotic solutions:

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