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Fertility Hypnosis: Double your chance of becoming pregnant

In essence, hypnotic approaches to infertility allow the couple to let go of societal and self-imposed pressures so they can become pregnant.

Hypnosis can't cure infertility but it can reduce the stress, tension and disappointment that frequently accompanies infertility treatment.

There are several ways a couple can use hypnosis to help maximise their chances of becoming pregnant.

In particular, hypnotherapy can:

  • Calm your fears
  • Enable you and your partner to relax
  • Remove mental blocks and emotional barriers
  • Put you back in control of your thoughts and actions
  • Complement medical treatment
  • Plant optimistic post-hypnotic suggestions
Ideally your fertility medical specialist will have training in optimum hypnosis methods to increase your chances of becoming pregnant. In any case it is important to choose the right hypnotherapist.

Don't be put off by naysayers and the ignorant. Hypnosis may well be your best aid to becoming pregnant.

Here's more information in a recent Psychology Today blogpost.

An Internet query yielded many sites about hypnosis and infertility. Unfortunately, although most of them cited the same research of positive results using the mind-body connection through hypnotherapy, none of the sites is impressive enough for me to recommend.

Except for this one (with which I'm affiliated):

Fertility Hypnosis: Double your chance of fertilization

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