How To Help Yourself with Hypnosis

What Can Hypnotherapy Do For You?

If you're an adult survivor of childhood mental, physical or sexual abuse you may suffer with excess weight, shame, guilt, anger, depression, anxiety, nightmares, sexual dilemmas, self-mutilation, relationship difficulties or low self-esteem. Restore joy in your life by being freed from these and all other negative issues.

You deserve to stop the suffering. You can benefit from my NetHypnosis which offers hypnotherapy service over the Web for a limited number of people. I'm also happy to to recommend these hypnotic self-help resources that you can use in the privacy and comfort of your own home: Hypnosis Downloads


"Dr Knight, I just want to re-iterate what I already said many times, the benefit I got from our sessions will have a lifetime lasting effect. You taught me the power of the mind and I think this is the foundation for everything. Your knowledge of human nature, your non-judgmental personality and your sense of humor helped me achieve that."