Skype makes
Hypnotherapy possible
Over the Internet


NetHypnosis means anyone, anywhere, with access to the Internet through a webcam and Skype can enjoy hypnotherapy.

Whether you want:

Several years ago Dr Knight pioneered hypno-psychotherapy with clients hundreds and in some cases, thousands, of miles away. This was through a combination of videos, phone calls and email.

Today the procedure is much simpler. It's almost like being in an office with Dr Knight . But you don't have to travel outside of your own home. You can enjoy face-to-face therapy online with Dr Knight while benefiting from his five decades of experience.

Online therapy is becoming more and more popular. It works very well.

The process is simple:

1. You install a webcam (the best available). Actually most computers now come with a built-in webcam.
2. You download the free Skype service.
3. You leave a note for Dr Knight mentioning Nethypnosis and the change(s) you choose to create on his Contact page
4. You send $39 U.S. for the assessment session. Send the payment to Dr Knight through PayPal to You do not need your own Paypal account -- any credit card is acceptable.
5. You then meet with Dr Knight through the webcam at this Skype address: dr.bryan964for a brief discussion about what you choose to change. If accepted to enjoy Dr Knight's guidance, you'll meet on line for hypnotherapy on an hourly basis, usually once a week at times that are mutually convenient. These sessions have to be prepaid, preferably through PayPal, and are priced at $99 U.S. each.

"Dr Knight, I just want to re-iterate what I already said many times,
 the benefit I got from our sessions will have a lifetime lasting
 effect. You taught me the power of the mind and I think this is the
 foundation for everything. Your knowledge of human nature, your 
non-judgmental personality and your sense of humor helped me achieve

 I strongly recommend Dr. Knight to any individual in need of a high
 quality, skilled therapist. 

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$39 U.S. for the initial session:

One-hour NetHypnosis sessions are $99 U.S. each, payable in advance:

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