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Lose Your Fears About Money

If you agree with one or more of these money trouble statements:

  • I am nervous when I buy something.
  • I hate paying for things.
  • Shopping bothers me even when I need things.
  • My impulse buying is out of control.
  • I dither over whether to buy something or not.
  • After I've bought something I question my decision.
  • I boast about how much I save with bargain purchases.
  • I show off how much I can spend.
  • My checkbook is a mess -- I have no idea how to balance it.
  • My bookkeeping is out of date and I abhor doing it.
  • It's so hard to decide how and where to spend my money.
  • I can't save any money.
  • There is no record of where I spend my money.
  • Saving money is so hard.
  • My debts are growing uncontrollably.
  • I'm nervous about managing my finances.

Then you need our ebook. Based on questions posed to tax expert Eva Rosenberg, EA the ebook contains a calm, relaxing and brief hypnotic session by Dr Bryan Knight that can help you lose your worries about money and develop a more satisfactory financial future.

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Jane and John's marriage is in upheaval. All the problems revolve around money. John buys whatever takes his fancy, with no thought about whether he really needs that new band saw or rare bottle of wine or high-priced restaurant meal with his buddies. He loves to impress friends and colleagues, even though he spends far more than he earns.

Jane, on the other hand, while upset at John's careless spending habits and knowing that they are sinking deeper and deeper into debt every week, can't bring herself to keep a record of the checks she writes, let alone save any money. John is unconcerned about building the couple's financial capital. He thinks that's Jane's responsibility. But she has no clue about saving for their future. The house she daydreams about remains an unattainable fantasy.

Their individual fears about facing up to their bad money habits dooms this couple to financial disaster.

The solution for Jane and John and anyone else who is afraid to confront their issues about money is to face their fears with our hypnotic solution:

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Hypnotic relaxation session with Dr Bryan Knight

And now RELAX as you listen to Dr Knight's hypnotic recording. While this recording will relax you, to actually lose your worries around money you need the unique Positive Suggestions contained in the "Money Fears -- Lose Them Now" ebook.

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Let's face it:




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